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Each student works with an expert private online computer scientist and will be taught through a dynamic curriculum that is customized based on their age, programming background, and interests. Typically, we begin with simple programming languages like SCRATCH (developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to build skills in an interactive and fun-learning approach.

Students next dive deep into web programming (HTML, CSS, and Javascript), Python, Java, databases and use their skills for practical applications like developing fully functional full-stack web applications. Additionally, we train our advanced students for USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. 

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Choosing the Curriculum that's right for you

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Choose Curriculum

Our academic advisor will help students enroll into various levels and topics based on their age, grade, prior exposure to programming, availability, and goals.

choose Curriculum
Completion Speed

Speed at which students will complete each topic depends on their level of commitment, frequency of weekly classes, and prior exposure to programming.

How It works

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How It works

Begin today, risk free our 3 sessions 100% moneyback guarantee.


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What Our Clients say about us

"My son brims with excitement right after the completion of his class and is always eager to tell me things he learnt. What stands out is the fun learning part where he doesn’t feel that he is attending a ‘coding class’. Thanks to the trainers at Coding Young who simplify concepts. As far as his next session on ‘scratch programming’ is concerned, he is already ecstatic about creating his favourite game."

Yu Yan

"Not only has my son gained problem solving skills, he has also learnt to think logically. The trainers are really good at their job."


"My daughter is learning web fundamentals (HTML and CSS) from Coding Young and her learning journey has taken off on a fantastic note. There are so many things she now knows about creating web pages and trainers at Coding Young have really strengthened her basics. An engineer myself, I couldn’t even dream of making a website when I was her age. My 9 year old might turn out to be the next coding prodigy."


"The present generation is smart and tech savvy which is why inclination towards computers comes naturally to them. My 7 year old literally became addicted to gaming and seeing his interest, I put my faith into coding young to teach him the science behind it. He is really enjoying learning programming with scratch. His favourite thing is to be able to play the games he created. He simply loves animation and is too thrilled to be able to create interactive stories on his own."


"I am readying my kid for the future as I want her to succeed as an engineer. This is the best time when she can hone skills and take challenges head on when she grows up. In the years to come, she will surely make a mark, considering her current aptitude towards coding. The best part is that at Coding Young she is in a fun learning environment which keeps fuelling her enthusiasm and creativity. I believe she can create anything that she imagines."


"The trainers are brilliant and actively engage with the kids. Usually my 9 year old daughter holds back while asking questions, but they make it a point to address all her doubts by giving her individual attention. What more can a parent ask for."


"My 12 year old is learning python from Coding Young and project based learning is now giving wings to his own ideas of developing his own game and website. The trainers work with small chunk of information at a time and lessons are delivered in way that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed with complex data structures. A lot of emphasis is on practice which is engaging him more and more with real world projects. I am really excited to see his creations in near future."


"At Coding Young, the instructors move at the pace of the student and that’s the reason why my son learns something new every day. A technology enthusiast, his love for machines is old and he is very clear about venturing into artificial intelligence and machine learning when he grows up. As of now he enjoys his fun graphical programming sessions which happen every week and is really kicked about the idea of creating his own app."


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