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Web development Fundamentals ( HTML & CSS)

Course Description

Coding Young offers easy-to-understand HTML and CSS coding for kids. The earlier you start, the better it is for you to strengthen your basics. Every web programmer has to learn and understand the basics of HTML. Props to those who have great interest in the IT field since a very young age. We, at Coding Young, offer different lessons on HTML coding for kids.

Html Coding For Kids

If your child is the one that really wants to create a website, look no further than Coding Young. We understand that many young kids do not know where to start from. Our experts give them the perfect kick start to their learning journey. From the very basics of HTML and CSS, we teach them to display webpage(s) across the web.

In this course, you’ll learn HTML and CSS, the fundamental building blocks for web pages. Learning how to effectively create the structure of a website using semantic HTML. Then style a website with CSS and responsive design.

Our learning sessions are short, brief, and effective. Coding Young wants you to learn maximum in lesser time. Divided in different sections to make it easier for young tech junkies, we make learning fun! Created and delivered by industry experts, our computer classes will ensure to become the best web programmers in the near future. If your child is interested to learn HTML, contact us right away. We will schedule an appointment with you to proceed further.

Course Curriculum

right-icon HTML Basics 

right-icon Common Tags in HTML

right-icon HTML Tables and Forms

right-icon Adding Multimedia

right-icon CSS Box Model

right-icon Styling Elements with CSS

right-icon Web Layouting and Positioning

right-icon Creating Multi-page Website

right-icon   HTML Basics  right-icon  CSS Box Model
right-icon  Common Tags in HTML right-icon  Styling Elements with CSS
right-icon   HTML Tables and Forms right-icon  Web Layouting and Positioning
right-icon   Adding Multimedia right-icon  Creating Multi-page Website









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