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We are a global company based in Florida, USA. Our mission is to empower children around the world to become the next generation leaders and innovators in computer programming.

Personalized Curriculum and Dynamic Teaching Pace.

We do not subscribe to the one size fits all philosophy. We personalize each lesson to meet your child's unique needs & interests and go at their pace. Our dedicated and recurring instructors respect and adapt to their learning style to help them reach their goals.

Consistent and Continuous Learning.

The secret sauce for our students' success is our gradual but consistent teaching method. Unlike bootcamps that attempt to cram information, our students attend a few classes per month that allows them to actually digest the course content. This organically builds their knowledge base and promotes retention of the subject long after they have learned it. Many of our students graduate from our basic classes and continue to take our advanced courses because they enjoy our consistent teaching style.

Nurture Critical Thinking.

Unlike many of our competitors, we go beyond the superficialities of the code by asking our students to explain their reasoning every step of the way. We tailor our assignments to REAL WORLD problems and challenge our students to hone their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Progress Tracking & Academic Guidance.

After each lesson, we provide notes so that you and your child can keep track of what they are learning. We identify any roadblocks they face and help them overcome these limitations so that they are prepared to take on new challenges. We also guide and prepare them for summer internships and coding competitions which makes them competitive for consideration at top tier universities.

Build Student Interest.

Our curriculum and learning tools are designed to be fun, engaging, and practical. This encourages students to expand their imagination, which oftentimes results in increased curiosity. When they come out of the class, they are motivated to take initiative and learn on their own, which leads to them exploring more advanced topics.

Multilingual Instructions.

While our primary instruction is in English, we recognize that many of our students are from diverse cultures and are multilingual. We help match our multilingual instructors to meet your child's cultural and language needs. This minimizes any communication barriers between the student and the instructor so that they can focus on learning effectively. Our instructors are comfortable with the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and English.

Flexible Subscription Plans That Fits Your Child's Learning Pace, Style, Schedule, and Goals.

We offer online Private classes and Semi-private classes. Our Semi-private classes have very good instructor-to-student ratios (a maximum of 1:4). We also offer larger group classes and boot camps for schools, community centers, homeschools, etc across the globe. These flexible subscription options will help you to choose plans that fit your child's learning pace, style, schedule, and goals.

Virtual Group Collaborations

Group learning is a great way for your child to start exploring code in a fun and engaging manner in a team. Doing coding projects with their peers will help them become effective leaders, listeners, and team players.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

No lock-in contract. Pay as you go, cancel anytime. Full money back guarantee for the first 2 classes, no questions asked. We also let you reschedule within 48 hours of the next class. What are you waiting for? Try out a free lesson.


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